How to Donate

Donating is easy..
Just go to my Amazons Wish list…

Find the “ eGift Voucher”
And Select the “See all buying options” button

Once you have done that… You will be asked for:

* The Amount; You can enter any amount you like, but it’s in UK £’s.
* Delivery; is via Email
* To; My email is in the picture.
* From; Who are you (Your YouTube name is fine)
* Message; Say Hello. or ask for a Song.

Once you’ve done that, just click either the “Add to Order” or the “Buy Now” button.
Then, you just finish it, as if you were buying anything from Amazons,
by entering your paymnet details in the Check-Out,
(I don’t ever get to see your details, it’s all done by Amazons)
So don’t forget to let me know who is sending me a Donation by adding who you are in the ‘From’ or ‘Message’ box.

And Thank You so much for supporting the Channel and the Web Site
It really helps me to keep it going.
And it Helps me to create more and more Tutorials for you all to Share and Enjoy.