The Gear, we use and recommend

We have put together a short list of the Gear, we use and recommend
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Gear we use my Violin

My Violins

Like most beginners, I started with a “lower end” Student Violin, that I still own and play, even now. But the love of my life is my 1880s German made violin. It has so much history and character. Most of the time I can’t bear to be apart from it.

And although I have tried a few different violin string manufacturers. At the moment I am using Pirastro Tonica, as they are super affordable –

Gear we use my tin whistles

My Tin Whistles

I have a few… more than I can list here.

Gear we use my keyboard piano

My Keyboards

We have a few…

  • Yamaha EZ-220
    The EZ220 is a 61 key, touch responsive keyboard with lighted keys and built-in wireless connectivity to the free Yamaha Page Turner app for iPad which, together with 100 preset songs, makes it the perfect learn-to-play keyboard. –
  • M-Audio Keystation Mini32
    The Keystation Mini 32 is a simple, but powerful MIDI controller designed for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on the go. It features 32 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys and a series of controls that expand the range of playable notes and expressive capabilities. –
  • Korg NanoKEY2
    Combining a responsive and great-feeling “touch” and a thin low-profile 25-key USB-MIDI keyboard…. By combining the great-feeling “touch” that Korg has developed for its professional MIDI keyboards and the low-profile “thinness” of recent computer keyboard innovations, it’s a great, fun, take anywhere keyboard. –

Gear we use my Recording

Recording Gear

We like to have 2 options, for in our Studio, and for portable use…

  • Focusrite 2i2 studio bundle
    The Focusrite Scarlett Studio takes some of the guess work out of building a basic home recording setup. At the centre of this package is theScarlett 2i2 which is packed with Focusrites famous preamps and a simple to use front panel that quickly gets you up and running. 
    The bundle comes with the Scarlett 2i2 Interface a Red Focusrite Sacrlett Microphone, a pair of Focusrite Scarlett Headphones and cables. –
  • Zoom H5
    The Zoom’s series of hand held recorders have become a must have for anyone who works in videography, music and more. Anyone who needs to record audio could utilise one of these recorders. The latest model the H5 takes all the upgrades from the flagship H6 and brings it down to a much more manageable size and affordable price. –
  • Shure SM57 Mic
    What else can I say, “it is the most popular all round instrument mic in the world.” it’s a must have… –
  • Samson Q7 Mic
    A great affordable stage mic –


The Other Stuff

Most of the time we work on a PC Lap Top with Windows 10

Android Apps we love to Use

The Best Violin Tuner App

The Best Violin Tuner
With the help from money, that we rase from Patreon, We are making our own App..
For more info –

DaTuner App

DaTuner – A great app for Tuning ‘anything’.
Violin, Cello, Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Harp and Much much more! the Free version Contains Ads – from the Play Store

Chord Tracker Apps

Yamaha Chord Tracker – If you have not seen this, or used it before , you need to go and see what it does, right NOW.
What does it do.? It’s like Magic.! All I can say is I LOVE Yamaha for making this and sharing it FREE, it’s 100% free – Compatible with Android and iPhone/iPad – from

MuseScore Apps

MuseScore – The best music score writing software I have used, and it has a Free version – Compatible with Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows PC – from the Play Store

Synthesia Apps

Synthesia – Start playing immediately, even if you can’t read sheet music. Use the touchscreen or connect a digital keyboard and play using real piano keys! – Compatible with Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows PC – from

Simply Piano Apps

Simply Piano by JoyTunes – A great way to learn the piano – Compatible with Android and iPhone/iPad – from

flowkey Apps

FlowKey – A great way to learn the piano, and if you have a Yamaha Keyboard, you get to use the App for 3 months, Free – Compatible with Android and iPhone/iPad – from

And for you iOS users

These have beem recomended to us:

Stave’n’Tabs for iOS – Write notes to the score using different modes of virtual instruments: update, insert or real-time recording. In free play mode you can practice your playing skills with a virtual piano keyboard or a fretboard.