The Mission

As a boy, I used to sing in the Church choir. And the only instrument I learnt to play was the Recorder… but I never got very good at it. So the mission was to get back into playing music.

So, as the years pass by, I started learning the Tin Whistle (also known as the Irish Flute). As most of the tunes I was learning to play could be played on both. I started to learn the Fiddle, (the Violin).

Personally I was finding it hard, so to help me in my journy, I desided to make these little videos, just for myself. As I wanted something to play along with, wanted to inprove my technique, timeing and rytham.
The main reason that I started to make my video play along tutorials. Was because I could not find what I was looking for on YouTube. There are lots of other tutorials out there for the Tin Whistle and Violin, and they are all good in their own way, but once I had made a few of them, I desided to set up a channel and share.
I hope you enjoy the same Music that I do… (if not feel free to make a request) Most of the videos are made from Midi audio tracks. but as I get good enough at each tune, I will replace the midi whistle or violin part with me playing the part so that you can see how I progress.

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