Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that relate to playing the Violin and using our video YouTube play-along tutorials

If you have question that I have missed feel free to ask us on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.

Recently someone asked: How can I help with a play-along tutorials ?

I do keep thinking it would be great if I had some helpers.
I spend most of my time finding good sheet music (either on the web or out of books) and then converting it to ‘digital sheet’, using MuseScore, so that I can use it to make the videos.
this part is not hard, it’s just time consuming.

MuseScore – What’s that.? I hear you asking..
MuseScore is a great piece of FREE software that lets you transcribe Sheet Music in to ‘Digital Sheet’ music.
It’s available to download here –
works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Also available for Android, iPhone/iPad too.

So if you have a song request that you have the Sheet Music for, and you are able to convert it to ‘digital sheet’, using MuseScore, that would be a great way to help us make more Tutorials

I love your channel and would like to help support you. How can I ?

It takes a lot of time and effort to make the tutorial videos and the backing tracks to go with them. So, if you find them useful, and would like to help support the channel, it is much appreciated.
Check out my ‘Help Support the Channel‘ page for more details.

I can’t see the tune I want to learn. Can I request a tutorial ?

Yes, I will do my best to post requested tunes, as long as I can find some sheet music to work from (and they are not to hard). It’s always nice to learn a differant tune. But, I do get so many Request that it is hard to do them all.

At the moment I am ‘sort of’ doing something Religious like an old Hymn on Sunday, Folk tunes on Monday, a Suzuki book song on Tuesday, a Modern Classic Pop song on Wednesday and then 2 “Popular Songs” ready for the weekend.

If you’d like your song request to JUMP to the top of the List, you can get it added to the ‘paid’ list, by making a donation to the channel of £5 or more…. Check out my ‘Help Support the Channel‘ page for more details.

Can I get a backing track for a tutorial ?

Yes, I love to help out, so there are some MP3 backing tracks on my DownLoads page.
They are offered and Licensed for: Non Commercial Use Only
So: You may use them in a non commercial music production for free!
Fine if you want to perform at school or to your friends.
Else: you need to contact me, before use.

I have not done them all yet, so if the one you want is not there, feel free to ask.

How did you get started ?

A few years back, I decided to learn the bagpipes… yeah. Well I quickly moved to the Tin Whistle as it’s much easier. Most of the songs for the Whistle are for the Fiddle too. So I decided I’d teach myself the violin.
As I could not find any tutorials for the songs I wanted to learn, I started to make my own. My aim in putting them up on YouTube, was not to share my animated tutorials. It just seemed like a safe place to store them.
But other people started to watch them, and as they were finding them helpful, I just kept uploading more.

And it’s grown into quite a nice little community..  Thank you all for your support

The Video Tutorial is just to FAST for me !

or to slow… 🙂

Did you know you can change the play back speed of any YouTube video?
You can.

Here is a great video from the “One Music School” channel.
she does a great job of showing you how to change it on a PC and on the App.

Hope this helps

In the Violin vidios, How do I know where to put my fingers?

Violin finger chart Frequently Asked Questions

Tab, or Tablature is a form of musical notation that was invented to make reading music easier for fretted and stringed instruments. Most commonly used for the Guitar, Mandolin and Violin. The Tab does not always show the rhythm or duration, but just shows the player where to place their fingers on the instrument

In my Violin tab videos it does not just show the player where and when to place their fingers on the fingerboard. But also shows the duration and rhythm of the song you are learning.

Tablature is slightly different for each instrument, Tabs for fretted instruments like Guitar or Mandolin just count down by the number of Frets from the nut. Where Violin Tab is written for the “Position Markers”, based on the Violin 1st finger position chart.

> Click to See the Chart Full Screen <

or you can download the chart so that you always have it close to hand.

> Click to Download the Chart <

But, you might like to note that in saying this, someone that knows, uses Tab to play the Mandolin can still use my videos, they just need to remember that L1 for violin tab, is 1 for the fretted tab, and violin 1 is 2 for fretted. L2 is 3, 2 is 4, 3 is 5 and so on.

Although I promote Tab, as it makes it easier for beginner violinist to learn finger positions quickly and efficiently, allowing them to play music right from the start. It’s important to learn how to read standard musical notation as it will benefit you in the long term.

I want to learn how to read Sheet Music

Where do I start ?
For beginner violinist, I recommend that you start by looking to see where the Open String sit on the Sheet Music.
I find that the E and D strings are the easiest to remember as the E is the Space under the top line, and then the D is the Space under the bottom line.

Violin sheet music Frequently Asked Questions
Violin sheet music Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have those two, then the A string is the space under the middle line.
I found the G to be the hardest to spot when reading and playing But practice and you will get it.

As you get each String position memorised.
Simply, as the Dot moves up to the Line above, then to the Space and then to the next Line. You just move your finger down the finger board by 1, 2, or 3 positions. Remembering to allow for Flat and Sharp notes…. but that’s something you might need to search for a YouTube tutorial on.

How do I know where to put the White Tape on my violin fingerboard ?

There are already so many good videos on YouTube about this…
and this is the one I recommend. It’s so easy to follow.

A Beginner’s Guide to Violin Finger Positions by TakeLessons

My little tip… as you get better and don’t want the big stripes of tape.
Me, “I put a little Dot of white nail varnish on the top side of the fingerboard” (just where she puts the pencil line)…
So that you can see it, But no one else can 🙂
Hope this helps.

My Pegs keep slipping and my strings come lose. How do I stop it ?

There are already so many good videos on YouTube about this…
and this is the one I recommend. It’s the best video for slipping pegs and loose strings….

Fix Slipping Pegs on your violin (EASY) by Kennedy Violins

He goes on a bit, but it’s all good. But his Tip, the Slipping Peg “Fix” part starts at time marker 2:15
Hope this helps.

Does it make a difference to the sound if I Bow Up or Down ?

When you pull the bow down the sound is louder as you put more force on the bow and the string. As you bow up there is less force on the string so a softer sound.
Sometimes this is good, sometimes not. it depends on the song.
Some sheet music will have a bow guide. a symbol that looks like V, to bow up, and another symbol that looks like a squear with no bottom, to bow down.

Violin bow Frequently Asked Questions
Violin bow Frequently Asked Questions

On the Tin Whistle Tab videos, What is the + sign for ?

If a Tab has a + under it, that means that you need to play the note in the 2nd octive (blow harder). If it has 2+’s then you need to play the note in the 3rd octive (this can be hard if you don’t have a ‘good’ whistle).

How do I make my audio and backing tracks YouTube play-along tutorials?

Digitally. I use a digital audio workstation (DAW) called CakeWalk by BandLab
I think CakeWalk is one of the best DAW’s and it’s FREE to use….
to find out more, check out there website

To see a video of me using CakeWalk click here

A realy good YouTube channel that teaches you how to use CakeWalk is called Creative Sauce.
and you can see a ‘play list’ of his Cakewalk Basics, click here

What Violins do you own ?

I have two, a student violin and an old classic.
My old classic violin is German made, from the 1880s, so it’s close to 140 years old. It’s not perfect, it was damaged in the 1940s and nicely repaired, I love it 🙂

What Tin Whistles do you own ?

I will try to find time to list them all.
But my favs are, my Killarney D whistle in nickel and my Jerry Freeman Mellow Dog C/D set in Brass

What Recording Gear do you own and use to make out YouTube play-along tutorials?

Now a days I use a PC Lap Top with Windows 10
CakeWalk software > <

Focusrite 2i2 studio bundle > <

Shure SM57 Mic > <

Samson Q7 Mic > <

and more.. (when I get time to list it all)

I still have more Questions ?

The best thing is to find my most reacent video on YouTube and leave a comment asking your question.
and I will do my best to answer it. I might even add your Question to this Frequently Asked Questions list