Christmas Art Competition – Together with Whistling and Sundry

Sunday 1st December, 2019

Christmas Art Competition – Together with Whistling and Sundry

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*************** IMPORTANT NOTICE *********************
*** You can also post your artwork on Instagram and YouTube but tag it under #FiddlingXmas
so that We can find it.
*** Your artwork can be traditional or digital, any kind of art form, it doesn’t matter if it’s landscape or portrait, as long as it has a violin or tin whistle (or both) in a Christmas scene.
*** A resolution of 300 DPI or more is better
*** And Fiddling With My Whistle is also giving a prize too and there will be 15 honourable mentions


Rules Recap:
1. Subscribe to Both of us on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter
2. Must show a video or photo or your progress
3. No nudity or violence
4. Must have a Violin or Tin Whistle and a Christmas scene
5. Submit your art on Newgrounds/or Instagram or YouTube

6. Closing Date is 14th Dec 2019
7. Leave Us a comment, So we know you’ve Entered

And don’t forget to tag it #FiddlingXmas
so we can find it..


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As this is our First time running a Competition.. so please be patient with us, as we work it out. As we go.

Good Luck

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