Quick and Easy Tutorails for the Fiddle and the Tin Whistle

Sunday 15th July, 2018

I started learning the Tin Whistle (Penney Whistle, Irish Flute) a few years ago, not long after that, I started to learn the Fiddle (Violin), as most of the tunes I was learning to play could be played on both.
Quick and Easy Tutorails

So to help me in my journy, I desided to make these little videos, just for myself, as I wanted something to play along with, wanted to inprove my technique, timeing and rytham.
The main reason that I started to make my video play along tutorials, was because I could not find what I was looking for on YouTube. There are lots of other tutorials out there for Tin Whislte and Violin, and they are all good in their own way, but once I had made a few of them, I desided to set up a channel and share.
I hope you enjoy the same Music that I do… (if not feel free to make a request) Most of the videos are made from Midi audio tracks. but as I get good enough at each tune, I will replace the midi whistle or violin part with me playing the part.

I am just learning myself,

and I personally find that it is easier to learn tunes, the ‘Karaoke’ way. Either having an indicator move to the next note. Or more like the ever popular ‘Guitar Hero’ game, with the notes moving across the screen so that you are ready for them. There is a huge benefit to having them in rhythm so you play each note at the right time. I did start making these videos just for myself. but I decided that as I was putting so much effort in to them it seemed a shame not to share.

So I set up my YouTube Channel and this Blog/Vlog site to keep everyone up to date with my progress, Also for that people could comment and help me, and help others to get better. My aim is to share my mistakes, as much as my ‘lucky’ moments.

I like all sorts of music, from them good Classical tunes, through the oldie Folk tunes and the more modern Folk tunes. And of course the best tunes of now, Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, the list goes on. If it’s good, and lasted the test of time, hopefully I will get to it.

Have fun….
Fiddling with my Whistle

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